Serving Children and Families

Direct Family Services

Direct Family Services is made up of our Parent & Child Education and Access to Visitation programs.

Parent & Child Education

The Parent Education Program focuses on providing early childhood prevention and intervention training courses for parents and children.

The Parent Education Program uses the Incredible Years® evidence based parenting and child training programs that focus on strengthening parenting skills and parent – child relationships to promote children’s academic, social and emotional skills, and reduce conduct problems.

The child programs strengthen children’s social and emotional skills, such as understanding and communicating feelings, using effective problem-solving strategies, managing anger, practicing friendship and conversational skills, and behaving appropriately in the classroom.

Our Parent & Child Education Program includes:

The Incredible Years Parent Enrichment Course strengthens parent-child interactions and attachment, reducing harsh discipline and fostering parents’ ability to promote children’s social, emotional, and language development. Parent groups are delivered in 14 weekly group sessions with 2.5 hours per session, free child care and meals are provided.

The Parent Enrichment Incarceration Course is offered in 6 weekly group sessions with 1 hr per session for incarcerated parents.

The Incredible Years Baby Course strengthens parent-infant interactions and attachment while parents learn how to help their babies feel loved, safe, and secure. Parents also learn about their babies’ physical and language development milestones. The parent groups are delivered in 9 weekly sessions with 2 hours per session, meals are provided.

The Dina Dinosaur Foster Care Course uses dinosaur-themed materials and life-size puppets to engage children and strengthen social, emotional, and academic skills. The curriculum is delivered by trained group leaders in a small group setting to provide intervention treatment for children ages 4-8 years that are experiencing behavioral challenges or transiting into foster care. The small group treatment is a referral based program and is delivered in 12-14 weekly sessions with 1 hour per session.

The Classroom Dinosaur School Child Prevention Program uses dinosaur-themed materials and life-size puppets to engage children and strengthen social, emotional, and academic skills. The curriculum consists of 26+ classroom lesson plans for children 4-6 years old in the Del Norte Unified School District. The program curriculum sessions are delivered weekly by trained group leaders and incorporated and sustained in the classroom by the teachers.

Access to Visitation

We provide a safe, neutral environment with professional, trained staff who supervise visits and exchanges between children and parents.  Access to Visitation services are available to families referred by Del Norte Family Court Services. Access to Visitation provides a secure, inviting, child centered environment, consistent and dependable contact between parents and children, promotion of parent responsibility, observation and documentation of parent-child interactions, monitored exchanges, and supervision in cases with accusations of sexual abuse.

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